10 Essential Benefits of Private Christian Education

Private Christian schools provide the right nurturing environment that helps children not only excel in academia but also develop character and grow up to become well-rounded individuals. Christian education encourages children to steadily improve on all levels: intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. In the era when good moral values appear to be challenged on many […]

How to Develop and Improve Fine Motor Skills in Kids Aged 3-6

Fine motor skills in kids aged 3 through 6 are required to accomplish various everyday activities. They also play an essential role in a child’s academic success. By practicing and improving fine motor skills, kids develop abilities needed for a successful career in professions such as architecture, science, medicine, etc. Simple tasks, such as cutting […]

Effective Ways and Activities to Develop Leadership Skills in Your Child

Leadership skills are critical to lifelong success. They not only help carry an individual through school and their careers, but they’re essential for overcoming life’s challenges. Many aspects factor into good leadership, but at its core, it’s about being able to inspire and empower others to collaborate and work towards a common goal. Of course, […]

Is Private School Worth It – Advantages of Private School Education

For many parents, the thought of sending their kids to private school is enticing, but the assumed costs often associated with private schooling can hold them back. With so many options for (seemingly) free public education, you may find yourself asking: Is private school actually worth it? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the […]

STEM Education: Why It’s Important for Your Child

From arguments over the common core to whether or not extracurriculars like fine art and music should be included in a child’s learning plan, discussing modern-day education can be daunting. However, one educational program found favorable by most educators and parents is STEM. Here is what the STEM curriculum means for your child’s education.   […]

How to Prepare Your Child for School Reopening

As the schools in Ontario gradually start to reopen after the pandemic, it’s important to prepare your child and ensure a stress-free and safe return to school. Nothing has shaken the world in modern times quite like COVID-19. With lockdowns, safety measures and online classes, there’s been a lot of disruption in a young child’s […]

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten is an emotionally charged one. Your child is facing a whole new experience, and even many parents get choked up watching their child meet this big life milestone. Simple activities and games at home can help ready your child for their first day by giving them an idea of what […]